Giving Birth Overseas

by Sharon

I found out that I am pregnant with my third son only couple of months after we arrived to Venezuela. Venezuela was our first posting. I new almost no Spanish, and had 2 small boys ? A 4 years old and a 1 year old baby. Strangely I did not panic, but was full of joy and anticipation.

After the first excitement I started taking some action ? First thing I needed to do was to find a good gynecologist. This was quite easy. Because my husband is a diplomat I could get lots of recommendations from other women and spouses at the Embassy. I ended up with the most amazing Gynecologist ? kind, caring, patient who spoke a perfect English. Healthcare insurance was not an issue as we had a full healthcare coverage from our government.

So, all was left is to enjoy the pregnancy, and that I truly did.

I never suffered from any morning sickness or vomiting during my pregnancies. My only concern was that I tend to give birth early - My eldest was born at 35 weeks and my middle at 36 weeks.

Moreover, we had a 24 hours help in the house, (yes, we were spoiled). So I could truly relax and enjoy the pregnancy. I had time to take care of my two boys and to bond with the unborn baby. We even managed to travel in Venezuela and to get to know the country, its culture, language and to fall in love with the people.

As for maternity clothing ? I had some from my previous pregnancies, and I also found great maternity stores in Caracas. It was fun going shopping and I managed to practice my Spanish.

At week 35, because of the history of my 2 first pregnancies the Gynecologist ordered a bed rest. If I was living in my own country I don't think I could do that as I had to take care of 2 little boys and a house. But in Venezuela we had a 24 hours help in the house, so it was easy to follow the doctor instructions.

Our third son, A Caracenio was born at week 38 in Clinicas de Caracas on July 21.We believe that he carries inside him the special temper of the Caracenios people.

After I gave birth our families came to visit, and helped us for the first 2 weeks. It was great having them near us, and the older boys were thrilled to spend some time with their grandparents.

Sharon Gilor

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Jan 20, 2010
advice on giving birth in caracas
by: bernadette

can anyone provide some advice on health care - quality/prices etc in caracas for giving birth including c sections?

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