Get the Dirt on Carnaval in Bolivia!

(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

Carnaval officially begins throughout Bolivia on Friday March 4th and will run through the 8th and in some locations, such as parts of Cochabamba, beyond that. Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th are the two main days. You'll want to see the elaborate floats in Santa Cruz on Saturday and if you're in Bolivia for Carnaval de Oruro, you'll be one of about 100,000 visitors! So to get you ready to celebrate this massive nationwide holiday (if you haven't chosen to flee, that is) take a look at these pages for all the dirt on Carnaval in Bolivia (and paint, and foam, and water, and...)

Why we celebrate Carnaval and how (it has surprisingly ancient origins - also learn what Carnaval has to do with meat!)

Carnaval in Oruro (declared oral and intangible heritage of humanity and home to the devil dancers!)

Carnaval in Oruro 2011 (route map, what's going to be happening, etc.)

Read these pages to find out why and what you'll need to have on hand if you plan to celebrate with us. People either love or despise Carnaval in Bolivia. What's your opinion?

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