Fun activities in Bolivia?

by Alan Broune
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I'm writing a pamphlet on Bolivia for school, and I was searching for one question, What are some fun activities in Bolivia?

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Feb 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

is this site for real

Oct 02, 2009
Some fun activities in Bolivia
by: Bella

Hi Alan:
You'll want to take a look at our Things to Do page. It lists what we do for entertainment (museums and galleries, parks and waterparks, sports, etc.), the English Events Page, and the Spanish Events Page (where we announce concerts, shows, festivals, and other events in English and Spanish).

You may also want to look at our huge tourism section. It contains information on lots of cool places to go.

Our festivals page lists all the festivals that take place throughout Bolivia during the entire year.

sign up to our RSS feed to get updated each time we put up a new page or announcement.

Bella's blog updates automatically anytime something new is added (which is like, almost every day) and I also post information and announcements about cool happening on my Message Board.

And finally, take a look at my BELLA NEWS Bolivia Ezine that goes out once a month (you can see back issues on this same page). I always announce fun things there too.

Hope this helps and good luck with your project.

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