Finding a consulate. ground grub guns gas and gold

by William
(Colorado Springs, USA)

Mostly just looking for a consulate to ask these questions. I’m moving to South America to escape the fall of Rome. Specifically Bolivia because of their gun rights. Does anyone know the processes for transporting your firearms to Bolivia? And what kinds of guns can you have? I just have a .45 handgun and a 20 round .308 “assault rifle.” Great for eradicating a hog problem or for hitting an elk at 700 yards. Or shtf situations. Better to have it and not need it I say. Immaculate piece of German engineering. Anyway.. not that having perfectly reasonable reasons is going to sway the brilliant minds of governments but yeah just seeing if someone has info on that and on transporting your gold and silver there. Or could you just bribe an official and go on your way. thanks

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