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Famous People from Bolivia - Photographers

Willy Kenning
A civilian pilot and self-taught photographer, he is known worldwide for his beautiful aerial photos of Bolivia’s stunning landscapes. He has either authored or contributed to numerous photography books and others that portray Bolivia’s Eastern lowlands cultures, and he has sold more books than any other Bolivian author. He is a founding member of the Amigos de la Naturaleza (Friends of Nature) conservation organization. Kenning is the first Bolivian photographer to have his work published in National Geographic magazin.

Pablo Manzoni
A photographer and producer of spectacles, born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. For over two decades he has garnered experience as the country’s best fashion and fashion show photographer. For years he worked with models and beauty queens on campaigns for other agencies until he created is own brand: the Magnificas de Pablo Manzoni, working with the most sought-after runway and publicity models. He is also the creator and producer of Boliviamoda, the country’s fashion week.

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