Experience as a Volunteer in Cochabamba with Bolivia Volunteers

In October 2010 I started volunteering in Cochabamba, Bolivia, through Bolivia Volunteers. They are based in Cochabamba, Bolivia (although claim to operate in La Paz and Santa Cruz too.)

I was looking to take a year out and travel. Volunteering seemed a good way to try and do something worthwhile. I hoped to help other people, improve my Spanish and see another part of the world and learn how other people live. I wanted to broaden my view of the world and its people. I had volunteered before, but had not done anything of this nature.

I chose Bolivia before I chose to volunteer with Volunteers Bolivia. I had studied a little Spanish in school so was attracted to South America. Bolivia was in the middle of South America and seemed a fascinating country. Statistically it is also the poorest in South America so perhaps volunteering would be most useful.

The organisation is basically a placement organisation where they will receive you at the airport in Cochabamba; provide you with accommodation, a project and support throughout your stay. They have no projects/initiatives of their own. Only someone who will go out to whatever organisation you would like and ask them if they would accept a volunteer. They do exactly what they say on the tin. Read the full article here.

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