Entering Bolivia and Onward Travel

by Nikki West
(United States)

Hello there! I was hoping to get some feedback from Americans who have traveled to Bolivia recently. I am set to go in August to volunteer in La Paz. I have done a lot of research online about entering the requirements for entering the country. It seems like each story I've read has differed slightly, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to type in a forum here.

I believe I am set as far as necessary documents/visa fees, however, my main question lies with proof of onward travel out of Bolivia.

I would really like to buy a one way ticket to Lima, Peru to visit my previous host family. From there, I plan to visit Cusco and take buses until I get to La Paz. I then plan to travel back to Peru and perhaps other countries when I am done volunteering in Bolivia. I want to buy a one way since I do not know the exact dates of my return. I've read some stories where proof of a bus ticket leaving Bolivia was good enough for immigration, but I've also encountered some stories where the traveler had to show an onward ticket back to the United States?? I'm stuck on which plane ticket I should buy.

Any words of advice would be great to hear!! Thanks in advance!!

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