Does your city have it's own floral emblem?

Countries often have national flowers and many states have state flowers, but Santa Cruz de la Sierra now has it's own "city flower". In 2010 the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz passed ordinance no. 047/2010 declaring the Oncidium Stacyi (Ballerina orchid) "cultural heritage of the city" and "floral emblem of Santa Cruz" and declared it's conservation a priority.

(The Oncidium stacyi has recently been moved to the Trichocentrum species). It's an absolutely stunning orchid. See one here.

Bolivia is home to hundreds and hundreds of varieties of orchids, more than almost anywhere else in the world and conservation organizations have been working very hard for many years to scientifically classify them all. There are so many, some don't have names yet, others are going extinct before they can be classified, and new ones appear continually.

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