Cutie Pie Puppy Seeks Loving Family in Santa Cruz Bolivia

by Wilson the Puppy
(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

My name is Wilson and I was born January 2! My mommy, Negrita, lived on the streets and did not have a good life but now she is really happy and has been adopted by Auntie Nicole. I look a lot like my mommy and she is really really sweet and loving. I think I will be a lot like her...not too big and not too small (maybe around 15-20 lbs when I grow up). I don't have any brothers since they all died while being born and I was the only one that survived. I don't know much about life yet but so far I have been treated really well and I am learning every day and soon will be playing with the other doggies that live at my house ..... its almost like a school for doggies cuz there are so many of them so I know I will learn a lot from them since they are really smart, fun and funny doggies! My biggest wish is that someone really nice will adopt me and make me a BIG part of their life?? or family! And love me forever and ever and take really good care of me, hopefully even let me in the house too. Almost forgot, I don't really know my name yet so if you want you can change it if you adopt me. My auntie couldn't decide since she likes so many names - Bailey, Barney, Buddy, Frankie, Chumpy - well the list is too long and I can't write them all down and I have to go to sleep now. If you want to come and meet me in person just come on over! That way you can meet my mommy too!

If you want to come visit me, please respond to this message by clicking on "Post Comments" below and your message will go directly to my Auntie Nicole's email. Then she'll let you know where we live cuz like, you know, it's not safe for us little pups to give out our addresses online!

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