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How much would it cost to live in Bolivia?

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Mar 06, 2011
bolivia living costs have gone up
by: Anonymous

As of December 2010 the cost of living has gone up dramatically in Bolivia. Everything costs more now, food, furniture, transportation and especially housing.

Sep 13, 2010
cost of living in bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

Living costs vary dramatically from one region or city to the next in Bolivia. It would be helpful if you could provide a little more information, such as which city you might specifically have an interest in.

However, in the meantime, you might want to check out this discussion from our forums - it addresses the costs of living in Santa Cruz (which is probably the most expensive city to live in Bolivia at this time). See Costs of Living per Week.

Please also read some of the discussions in our
Living in Bolivia Forum - some of them discuss the costs of importing your household goods or vehicles, purchasing land and/or houses, etc.

If you take a look at our page on utilities (gas, water, electricity, phone, etc.) you'll see what the approximate utilities costs are (it's based on Santa Cruz but applies pretty well to the rest of the country).

If you are interested in a specific city, you could either reply to this forum with further information or enter a new message through one of our specific Bolivian city forums here.

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