Cinecenter in Cochabamba Bolivia

Cinecenter Cochabamba is one of 3 large movie multiplexes and shopping malls owned by the same company Bolivia's three largest cities (the other two are in La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra). Cinecenter has a movie theater, food court with numerous cafés and restaurants, a gaming area, banks and ATM?s, clothing stores, mobile phone companies, an Aerosur airline agency, and many other shops and stores.

A river runs along one side of Cinecenter in Cochabamba. This river, I'm told is frequented by drug addicts and visitors to Cinecenter should be wary in that area.

If you walk across the river from Cinecenter and down one block, you'll be at La Recoleta. You'll see the La Recoleta chapel on one corner and to the right of the church is a pedestrian walkway, also called La Recoleta, lined on both sides with cafés, restaurants and clubs. It is a popular hang-out among local cochabambinos.

In Cochabamba the Cinecenter is located at:
Av. Oquendo corner of Av. Ramon Rivero
Phone: (591-4) 453-3731 and (591-4) 453-3732.

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