Casa de la Cultura - Sucre Bolivia House of Culture

Every major Bolivian city has what is called the Casa de la Cultura, or culture house. Usually these buildings are located on or near the main plaza in each city. Normally the "house of culture" is where cultural events take place, including theatrical events, concerts, art exhibits and more. In addition, each city's Casa de la Cultura is responsible for promoting the culture(s) of its particular region. Therefore, the Casa de la Cultura works actively with local museums, artists, musicians, theatrical groups, dance troupes, local indigenous groups, and more to present events.

The House of Culture may also offer classes, seminars and workshops to motivate the public to become more interested, and participate in, the arts and cultural events. Typically these are provided for both children and adults by local groups and artists.

In Sucre the Casa de la Cultura is located about a half a block down from the city's center square Plaza 25 de Mayo on Argentina Street, between just prior to reaching the corner of Olañeta. Sucre's Casa de la Cultura is a busy place indeed! It also has reading and study rooms, and several salons offering different courses.

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