Cafe Alexanders; A home away from Seattle

by GringaEstudiante
(Santa Cruz)

If you love coffee (I'm from Seattle so quite frankly my blood is always highly caffinated) and are missing that tucked away, acoustic music, safe, comfortable corner table in a dimly lit back feeling of a real American coffee shop this is your paradise. There are two locations, one right by the post office in the Plaza and another near Burger King. Sorry addresses are my achellis heel! I'm a college student living here in beautiful Santa Cruz and when I discovered this place I was in awe. The menu is in Spanish and English and serves excellent coffee as well as most forms of alcohol (thus it says Coffee + Pub). I believe you can also ask for any form of alcohol to go in your coffee. I don't like my caffeine tampered with but always an idea for someone of a more rigid taste. They have an amazing breakfast menu they serve all day ranging from chocolate chip pancakes to your typical bacon n eggs to "gourmet Mexican food." By foreigner lingo it is a "Gringo hole". They mostly cater to university kids and we "Los Gringos y los espanas" (the gringos and the spaniards which is ironic that I get called Spaniard when I am gringa and my european housemates get called gringos). It's a tad bit pricey (in the 30B range) but if you are craving an amazing mocha with actual chocolate in it (fancier than Starbucks) or Desayuno Americano check it out!

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