Buying tickets at Transporte Aéreo Militar to Rurrenabaque?

by Andrei

Hello, I am from Romania and I will visit Bolivia in November. One of my objectives is Rurrenabaque and I was wondering how can I buy tickets with Transporte Aéreo Militar and if the information on their website (the prices) is updated?


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Dec 02, 2014
by: martin

Well I do sincerely hope that all the changes that will be made are going to make a huge difference one day after all. The changes that we require would be appreciated. So come forward and make way for freshness.

Aug 11, 2012
purchase in person maybe
by: Anonymous

Hi Andrei. Correct, there aren't many options. Only TAM and Amaszonas because Rurrenabaque is a tiny little town with a very very tiny airport and not all planes can land there. TAM and Amaszonas have small planes.

You could try waiting and purchasing your ticket from TAM in person when you get to Bolivia...

The last time I took a TAM plane it was smallish and there was quite a long line but I wasn't going to Rurre, I was going to Trinidad. So it could be that to Rurre maybe it wouldn't be so full (especially from Santa Cruz - most people fly to Rurre from La Paz).

So maybe you could just buy your ticket from TAM when you get here.

Aug 10, 2012
Santa Cruz
by: Andrei


Thank you for your answer, i have expected to be difficult buying tickets with TAM :(

Another reason for being interested with this airline is the price for their flight to santa cruz, as what I have found with BOA or Amaszonas starts from 200$ on
the route la paz - santa cruz.

i think i don't have many options for this route, don't I?


Aug 09, 2012
a better alternative to tam
by: Anonymous

With government-owned websites it's hard to know if they are kept up-to-date; however, the prices seem to be just about in the correct range.

You might try contacting them by phone, if you can afford to do so. Their website doesn't appear to be equipped for online reservations, and they don't offer an email address either. Only physical address and phone.

I would recommend you take a look at the other airline that flies to Rurrenabaque which is

They are only a little more expensive, you can reserve and purchase your ticket online, and for just a tiny bit more, they actually provide 3-day La Paz / Titicaca / Rurre tours with round trip ticket included:

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