Broadband internet in the country

by Martin

Hello, What are the options for ADSL connection outside main cities? Eg. places like Samaipata? I remember a hostel owner in Villa Tunari had adsl, but I'm not sure if this is a rule or he was just lucky. If you have any experiences with remote locations and adsl please advice, thx.

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Dec 04, 2013
by: Gary

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the interesting posts.

I am also keen to go and stay in Samaipata. In your previous post you mentioned that you now connect via 3G.

How difficult is it to get it set up, or do you just need a modem?

Thanks so much.


Sep 25, 2013
by: Martin

Klaas - be so kind and leave your fanatic nonsense for yourself.
How dare you dictate to "stay home", what gives you any authority to say such things?
For your information I live in Samaipata now and I need internet (that is luckily available via 3g), this is my HOME and I suggest to stay away with your authoritarian comments.
Do you want to live in the middle of the jungle/mountains without any civilization? Be my guess, Bolivia is big enough.
But first maybe stop using your computer and internet you hypocrite

Sep 19, 2013
No Cell Tower or higher bandwidth
by: Klaas

Why do people need a higer bandwidth?
first of all if you want to go there for that reason, please stay home. We do not need wifi or cellphones, a kabel connection is just fine.
All the proliferation of microwave radiation is allready causing massive cancer clusters in europe and USA and is also causing massive tree die off over here. Bolivia is such a wonderfull place just leave the techno idiocracy in the western world, please. There is absolutely no more need for this, For goodness sake we allready have a country full of iphone zombies, here in holland. Just be social and talk to each other.

Just look at the fact presented in this documentary on the adverse biological health effects, the are detrimental!!!

Resonance - Beings of frequency

wake up people!

Aug 13, 2010
by: Martin

BTW I've contacted TIGO asking them about their plans of development 3G network, as I believe that there is hope in this technology rather than regular cable dsl in rural ares, it's simply less expensive to upgrade local telecom tower than putting kilometers of fibreoptics in rough terrain.

I'm not sure thought if they are keen to answer to e-mail from abroad, so it would be great if someone in Bolivia could call them and ask them about their plans of extension of 3G network.

Thanks very much ;-)


Aug 13, 2010
Thx again
by: Martin

Thx again for your comments, I believe that topography may be a problem, and e.g. 50 or even a 100 expats or locals alike is not worth of isp investment. A big shame, I'm looking for some nice place to settle and invest, Samaipata suited me for geography and climate reasons, I prefer drier type of climate, although I love jungle environment I wouldn't like to like there.
I've researched satellite internet and it's simply a last resort solution, it's very expensive - you pay 1000-3000$ for set up and later $300+ a month for 1MBs connection that you have to SHARE with other 10-20 users! So usually you get around 150kbs download speed for 300$! Sic!
Still it will be at least a year before I'll make a move, but I don't believe that is will change anything in this matter in Samaipata.
Once again a big shame.

Jul 16, 2010
Broadband (Banda Ancha) in Samaipata Bolivia
by: Geddy

I asked all around in Samaipata, and was told no one there has broadband. In fact the nice Dutch couple at Finca La Vispera said you can get max of 28k dial up modem connection. That's like 1995 speed! Back in Santa Cruz I talked to the TIGO people who confirmed that even though they have a cell tower there, they do not yet provide broadband over there. That seems odd to me, but I'm not a network expert.

One possibility I want to check out is receiving broadband over a satellite dish. Several of the expats in Samai have Directv from Argentina, so it would seem possible to also get broadband that way.

Jul 06, 2010
anyone goes to samaipata or still in santa cruz??
by: mariel

just let me know ok. im looking for a travmate

Jul 01, 2010
Broadband internet in Samaipata
by: BoliviaBella

Hi there. We got both your posts. Sometimes they just take a little while to show up online.

Since there are various different phone companies and types of companies (cooperatives, privately owned, state owned) I consulted with Cotas in answer to your question to get a general idea to answer you.

However, for each town or city you are interested in it would be necessary to contact each phone company individually to ask.

Now that I know you are specifically interested in Samaipata only, and we already know COTAS does not cover Samaipata, I called Entel (800-10-3638) They tell me ENTEL also does not provide ADSL in Samaipata.

So I asked what would have to be done to get ADSL in Samaipata and they told me the company has to put Samaipata in their plans and for this they'd require studies, topographical studies, etc. etc. So it's apparently (at least for now) not even in the works. Which as you said, is very odd considering how popular Samaipata is as a vacation spot and it's as popular among locals as it is among foreigners.

You might find this general overview on internet services in Bolivia interesting to read (although it is 2008 and services continue to expand and increase throughout Bolivia):

Jun 30, 2010
Thank you for your answer!
by: Martin


I've already answered, but my post is gone for some once again I just want to say thank you, it clarifies everything.

Kind regards,

Jun 29, 2010
Broadband internet in the country
by: Martin

Thank you for your answer, it clears everything!
I'm surprised that Buena Vista has ADSL and Samaipata does not - as far as I remember there are plenty of expats in Samaipata.
Just to clarify: there is only one company COTAS responsible for exchange points, and all other isp are based on their infrastructure in department of Santa Cruz, is it correct?

Thank you very much for you answer and time.

Kind regards,

Jun 29, 2010
ADSL internet in rural areas
by: Anonymous

ADSL is available is some rural areas. The phone company in Santa Cruz tells me that usually they install ADSL if a sufficient number of users request it so it isn't really a matter of how large or small the town is. For example, some large towns don't have it simply because people haven't requested it. Some very tiny communities do, because they have requested it.

It also depends on what internet company has been contacted. The problem with Bolivia is that it has a national government owned phone/internet company (ENTEL), several regional companies that are cooperatives (like COTAS in Santa Cruz and COTEL in La Paz) and other private companies that offer service nationally like TIGO so it's hard to keep track of things.

So here are some of the towns the phone company tells me DO have ADSL in the department of Santa Cruz, through COTAS:

Warnes, Montero, Mineros, Okinawa I, Buena Vista, Portachuelo, Yapacani, San Juan I, Puerto Quijarro, Puerto Suárez,

And here are some towns that DON'T have ADSL from COTAS:

Concepción, San José de Chiquitos, Samaipata Vallegrande

For other cities in Bolivia you need to contact the phone companies of each department (each state). From Australia you could try using their websites. Here are a few:

COTAS (Phone company in Santa Cruz)

COTEL (Phone company in La Paz)



It's a little hard to answer you without knowing exactly which towns you need information on because there is such a variety of companies and some only serve specific regions, but hopefully this is somewhat helpful.

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