Bolivia's Dia de Niños - Kids Day

When I first walked around Sucre, I could not help but notice the children and how well they are attended to. Kids are everywhere, from babies to college aged, generally happy and healthy, well-dressed and well-mannered. Even though the trends may have mom in traditional garb and the children more in little outfits reflecting a more modern look, many are still in Bolivian traditional dress but ALL are adorable.

So one of the many holidays celebrated is "Dia de Ninos" and Parque Bolivar is a huge park with a large area of children's park toys featuring dinosaurs, slides, merry go rounds, swings, climbing bars galore and open every day and completely free.

But this Sunday, the entire park is jamming with thousands of kids and parents in a huge "kids birthday party" atmosphere. All those big air filled slides and bouncy things, horse back rides, paddle boats, and big giant balloons to roll about over water, little electric cars to drive around, a wild bull ride (kind of tame), venders with balloons and toys, booths with books and clothes kids music blaring and a band shell packed with little ones being entertained by a local clown celebrity.

What would a party be without cake and ice cream....I had to jump on the food as the displays of home made cakes and treats are like no other....cost? From 4 to 6BS or around 40 to 75 cents US. Fresh juice bars and BBQs. Rides on a space shuttle or a little train pulled around the park seemed to be a favorite for the toddlers.

I enjoyed watching the interaction of parents and their children in just a ginormous venue. This is an all day affair and as I left and walked towards the center of town hundreds more were walking towards the park. This is but a reflection of how Bolivians really love their children.

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