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by Kricket

A couple of blogs ago we talked about how we have not one but two national flowers. Well, it just so happens that Bolivia has two flags as well, here is.

The Bolivian Flag and the Whipala Flag

The whipala is a square flag that represents the people of the Andes in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and parts of Argentina, Chile and Colombia. There are different types of whipalas as well the Cusco Whipala and the Suyu whipala. The Cusco whipala has a couple of horizontal stripes and represents the rainbow's colors. The suyu whipala is made of 7-by-7 square patchwork in seven colors diagonally.

Each color represents a certain thing, these being white for Qullasuyu, yellow for Kuntisuyu, red for Chinchaysuyu, and green for Antisuyu. Suyus are cultural regions that were/are inhabited during certain times. There is also a different pattern to the suyu called the antinsuyu, plus a whipala exists for Tupac Katari and the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army.

The current national flag of Bolivia was adopted in 1851 with the tri-colors red, yellow and green. Each color symbolizes one thing. Red for the soldiers who fought for independence, yellow for the nation's minerals, and green for nature's fertility. Each color is placed on another in a rectangle with a ratio of 1:1:1.

In 1888 the president of Bolivia, Gregorio Pacheco, made it clear that:

Red: "Represents the blood shed by our heroes for the birth and preservation of the Republic."

Yellow: "Represents our wealth and natural resources."

Green: "Represents the richness of our natural areas as well as hope, a foundational value of our society."

In 2004 these exact colors were established:


Pantone 485

RGB 213-43-30

CMYK C0-M80-Y86-K16



Pantone 116

RGB 252-209-22

CMYK C0-M17-Y91-K0



Pantone 356

RGB 0-121-52

CMYK C100-M0-Y57-K53

HEX #007934

Today in Bolivia, BOTH national flags must be used at any government or official events, and when commemorating any national holidays. Our country's flag is just one of the national emblems of which we have two. The others are our two national flowers.

Submitted 2015-03-11

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