Bolivian Salads and Vegetables

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Bolivian salads and vegetable side dishes can get quite interesting and often use ingredients you may not have thought of mixing together. Some salads are adopted (or adapted) from North American and European recipes but somehow Bolivian cooks have a way of giving their recipes a Bolivian flair.

Bolivian Food and Recipes

In the highland regions of Western Bolivia where it's difficult to grow vegetables, salads tend to be quite simple (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.) or involve cooked vegetables and potatoes, rice or pastas. In Northern, Eastern and Southern Bolivia, where most of Bolivia's agriculture is concentrated, you can find a huge variety of vegetables and salads. There is also a lot of influence from Brazilian and Argentinean (and therefore Italian) cuisine in this region.

Bolivian Salads and Veggie Dishes

Bolivian Baked Stuffed Zucchini
Bolivian Corn and Honey Mustard Salad
Bolivian Rice and Tuna Salad
Bolivian Red Bell Pepper Salad
Bolivian Titicaca Seaweed Salad
Bolivian Apple Salad
Bolivian Lettuce and Carrot Salad
Bolivian Bean Salad
Bolivian Cucumber Salad
Bolivian Pickled Vegetables
Bolivian Cauliflower Salad
Bolivian Hearts of Palm Salad
Bolivian Stuffed Baked Caigua

Bolivian Food | Bolivian Recipes | Bolivia Facts | Bolivia for Kids

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