Bolivian Restaurant Review: Thai Kaffe Restaurant in Tarija Bolivia

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Thai Kaffe is a popular restaurant in Tarija that can't seem to decide whether its an oriental restaurant, a sandwich shop, a bakery or an ice cream parlor. We found this restaurant a little confusing. We were left with the impression that this restaurant is trying a little too hard to be everything for everyone. Sometimes less is more.

It's not that there was anything wrong with the food. It's smoothies are very good. It's baked goods are pretty good (except the llauchas which are not llauchas at all). The problem is it offers a little too little of a few too many things. At Thai Kaffe you can order oriental food. But you can also choose from hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, an assortment of baked goods, ice cream or smoothies, and more. Although it claims to be an oriental restaurant, this makes it difficult to identify what it really is.

Variety is usually a good thing, especially if you're dining out with a large party of people, all of whom have different tastes, so this may not be an inconvenience for you. However we found that ordering a variety of different foods was actually problematic because some are served much more quickly than others. This leaves you with a dilemma: should the first person served wait for everyone to be served and risk a cold meal? In Bolivia it's impolite to eat until everyone has been served, so a cold meal it was.

We didn't NOT enjoy the place. We returned another day at tea time for coffee and baked goods, all of which were good except the un-llauchas, as mentioned above. This second visit to Thai Kaffe went much more smoothly because we had only one objective: to temper an afternoon craving for sweets. The chocolate cake was very good as was the coffee with milk. So don't not go, but do have a specific meal objective in mind beforehand so the menu won't leave you feeling flustered. For more restaurants in Tarija click on the 'Food' link below.

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