Bolivian Restaurant Review: Plaza Restaurante Los Balcones in Sucre

(Sucre, Bolivia)

Plaza Restaurante Los Balcones literally lives up to its name, if you get a table on one of the balconies overlooking Sucre's central plaza. The restaurant, can be found on the second floor in what appears to have been the former sitting room or ballroom of one of the first colonial homes in Sucre. It is located directly across the plaza from the Casa de Libertad.

You'll enjoy a nice view from your table on a balcony and the service is quite good. Waiters are formal and attentive. Plaza Restaurante has a fairly nice self-service salad bar. Other than that, the food is rather bland; however, this is not unique to this restaurant. Overall we found food in Sucre to be lacking flavor (or at the very least a touch of salt) in many places we visited.

We ordered chicken with pasta and it was literally deep fried chicken with absolutely plain pasta, nothing on the pasta at all. We also ordered the special of the day which consisted of soup, salad and "segundo", the main dish, which was beef and "arroz con queso" (a type of liquid-y Bolivian rice with melted cheese typical to Santa Cruz, which I usually relish). The salad: fine since I served it myself. The beef and rice, bland bordering on no flavor at all.

I'll take exception to the soup. On this particular day, the soup of the day was "ajíaco" a type of beef and vegetable broth made with ground hot chilis, and little french fries floating on top. It was splendid. It's probably a good thing I filled up on the soup.

I wouldn't tell you to stay away from this restaurant, they do offer many other foods on the menu. I'd go back for the nice view, attentive service and great soup. I'm just not jumping for joy (I have been known to do that when I find something I really want to recommend). I have a feeling this is one of those places where you find something you do like, then go back again and again for that. You know, like "Where can I get some good ajíaco?" and then I'll be like "Ooooh Ooooh! I know! I know!"

Plaza Restaurante Los Balcones
Plaza 25 de Mayo No. 34
Sucre, Bolivia
Phone: (591-4) 644-7610

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