Bolivian Restaurant Review: Pizza Pazza Macondo Restaurant in Tarija Bolivia

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Pizza Pazza Macondo is an awesome secret pizza restaurant in Tarija, Bolivia! When you find the Pizza Pazza Macondo restaurant you'll be welcomed as if you were a guest in someone's home. That's because you ARE a guest in someones home :)

Pizza Pazza is a house. Yup, that's right. But it isn't just any house - it's got a story! First of all, you won't see a sign. What you have to look for is a little stained glass window that says 'Pizza Pazza Macondo' (see slideshow above). Behind its lit up colors there's a pizza party going on inside! Secondly, it's not wide open. You have to ring the doorbell. Now lest you think this is a little strange, apparently home restaurants aren't all that uncommon in Tarija. And if you arrive after 8 or 9 pm (when Tarijeños are just getting ready for dinner) it's sure to be very lively inside. So don't be shy! It's actually quite a favorite among tourists!

The owners are Edith Paz Zamora, lover of art and good cooking, and her very tall husband Alberto (Tito) Linares who makes like, wow! what a pizza! Together they've transformed their home into a very cool restaurant. As you enter the outside gate, if you walk to your right you'll enter a rustic dining hall decorated with a combination of antiques and wood furniture, paintings, and handcrafted elements from all over Bolivia. This dining hall is directly attached to the pizza ovens and kitchen - you can watch your pizza being made as Tito expertly flips and twirls the dough.

If you don't turn right, you'll enter directly into the living room / dining room of the house, which is also a part of the restaurant. Here's where you'll want to enjoy your meal if you have kids. You'll find comfy sofas, tables and chairs, toys for the kids, and Edith's awesome collection of art, carvings, paintings and pieces from all over the world. It's a veritable art gallery in there and the low lighting makes it very cozy.

Pizza Pazza makes awesome pizzas with local ingredients and lots of surprise combinations. In addition, Edith makes homemade chutneys, preserves and these very delicious little liquors that are served in teeny little glasses called KAJS, which are made from local fruits and spices. A visit to Pizza Pazza isn't complete without a little tiny sip of one of these surprising kajs.

When we were there the restaurant was full with a fun combination of locals and foreigners. Don't be surprised if someone just breaks out into song or dance on the living room floor. Salsa was the choice on the night we visited in the form of a 'despedida' (goodbye party) for a foreign volunteer who was leaving. It's just a fun, make-yourself-at-home kind of place and Tito and Edith make it so very welcoming! Oooooh, and did I mention the pizza is awesome? For more places to eat and restaurants in Tarija click on the 'Food' link below.

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