Bolivian Restaurant Review: Oliver's Travels, La Paz, Bolivia

by Chef Trent Wauson
(Samaipata, Bolivia)

My wife and I arrived at lunchtime because we weren't going to have time to go at night, which we heard is when all the real action takes place. It was quiet, not many people but had a really comfortable atmosphere. Like what you would imagine in a British pub. Witty chalkboard announcements. Drink know what I'm talking about here. A place to kick back from your travels and chill it for a good while. We ordered the Saya amber ale. I have to say that it was OUTSTANDING! My wife ordered the Veg Curry and she let me try was spectacular! One of the best I have ever eaten and let me tell ya I am not much on veggie plates. She scarfed it down and fast! I had the roast beef platter with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies because I just wanted some down home eats. The portions were hefty just like mom serves and delicious...a great basic meal...comfort food. The sevice was junpy...I mean when I called they literally leaped around the bar to see what I wanted. We will definitely go for the cottage pie...they tell me it is spectacular! Note: this is not a family is a bar with great food. Please don't bring kids in there and expect to hold a church service! It is located on Calle Murillo in La Paz, Bolivia.

Published 21 March 2014

Chef Trent Wauson owns the La Luna Verde Resto Bar and La Posada del Sol boutique hotel in Samaipata, Bolivia. He contributes his favorite Bolivian recipes, restaurant reviews and food commentary on Chef Trent's Food Page on for more.

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