Bolivian Restaurant Review: Las Brasas Grill Restaurant in Tarija Bolivia

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Las Brasas restaurant in Tarija Bolivia specializes in grilled meat and other foods plus wine, beer and beverages. The service is so-so but the food is really good.

Throughout Eastern Bolivia cattle ranching is one of the main economic activities. People like their beef and grilled meats and Tarija is no exception. Add to this that Tarija is Bolivia's wine country and you have the perfect combination for a great barbeque.

Las Brasas is one of the many grill-style restaurants that can be found in Tarija. It's located on Avenida Las Americas and is very easy to find. Dinner starts with a good Tarija wine or another beverage of your choice after which you choose the meats you want and place your order.

Some time later a hot grill will be brought to the side of your table, as you can see in the photo above. However, all other side dishes are displayed in a long buffet indoors (the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating). So while you wait for your grill to arrive you can help yourself to an array of side dishes, vegetables and salads. Once your grill has arrived you can serve yourself again from the buffet if you want to.

This Tarija restaurant is not luxurious and is very affordable. The food was really good. However, the service left something to be desired. It took a long time for the food to be served and the waitstaff was not very friendly or informative. However, once the food arrived we agreed putting up with a wait and a little inconvenience had been worthwhile. For an affordable grill do visit Las Brasas, but consider it a self-serve restaurant. For more places to eat and restaurants in Tarija click on the 'Food' link below.

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