Bolivian Restaurant Review: Best Hamburger, Best American Style Breakfast and Best Coffee, La Paz

by Uncle Darrell

After three years in Bolivia, I have found the best American style hamburger(for my taste) in La Paz. The restaurant is called THE BEST and is located at the south end of the Plaza de Los Estudiantes, on the right as you face south at the bridge. They even have Patty Melt burgers which are excellent. Another big plus for THE BEST is their American style breakfast. Eggs cooked to order, bacon or ham and toast w/butter and jam and the best coffee in the world for 22 Bs. I asked Rocio the manager what brand of coffee they use and she told me the brand was Café Royal Export. Actually Café Royal Export is the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life. In the states I used to buy Brown Gold but this is so much better. Now whenever I visit La Paz I stop in THE BEST and I also pick up several pounds of Café Royal Export to bring back to Cochabamba. It works great in my Mr. Coffee.

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