Bolivian Immigration Service Booklet Answers to FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)



7-9-2015: The Bolivian Immigration Service has published a short booklet titled "Frequently Asked Questions" in which it offers responses to some of the more basic questions regarding immigration to, and residency in, Bolivia. It includes information for tourists (on tourist visas and requirements), those seeking residency in Bolivia, and foreigners interested in naturalization (citizenship), as well as information for Bolivians on how to obtain a Bolivian passport and visas for tourism overseas.

Pages 4-5 answer your most frequent questions about how to obtain a visa to enter Bolivia.

Page 6 lists the countries listed as Group 1, whose citizens do NOT need a tourist visa to enter Bolivia.

Page 7 lists the countries listed as Group 2 (whose citizens do need a visa, but will be issued the visa upon arrival) and Group 3, (whose citizens must obtain a tourist visa at a Bolivian consulate overseas prior to arrival).

While this booklet has been published in Spanish, non-Spanish speakers can benefit from reading it by copying and pasting the text into

Click here to open the document.

Disclaimer: Bolivian Immigration Laws are subject to changing at any moment. Before traveling to Bolivia, visit or call a Bolivian consulate in your state, country or region to ensure you are fully and correctly informed with the most up-to-date information available. You can also visit the website of the Bolivian Immigration Service at

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