Bolivia Facts: Bolivian Constitution

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Bolivia Facts | History of Bolivia | Bolivia for Kids

The most recent Bolivian constitution contains 411 articles and is 118 pages long. It was approved on 25 January 2009 by a little over 60% of Bolivia's population during a national referendum. Over 100 new laws would later be discussed and passed by Congress and dozens more would be modified in order to actually enact and apply the new constitution fully. You can download it in Spanish on this page. The Bolivian Constitution has also been translated into English. You can purchase a copy in English, translated by a Bolivian attorney, by clicking here or on the image to your right.

If you're interested in really good, really thorough analysis of Bolivian politics on a pretty regular basis, Bolivia's place and role in Latin American politics and society, take a look at Miguel Buitrago's very interesting blog MABBlog in which he shares his point of view and lists other interesting sources. It's all in English! Also visit our Bolivia News page for current events in Bolivia.

Bolivia Facts | History of Bolivia | Bolivia for Kids

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