Bolivia Volunteers - Question

by Tess Campbell
(Australia, Tasmaina)

hey there, I have trying find a volunteer program in Bolivia and stumbled across Bolivia Volunteers ( What they offer sounds great and i am keen to go ahead with this program. The site though does not include written experiences from past volunteers and was wondering if you have any information on this organisation. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be passed on as i dearly want to get involved .


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Nov 04, 2010
Bolivia Volunteers
by: BoliviaBella

Thank you for sharing this Rory S. If Bolivia Volunteers would like to be listed on our volunteer page they should contact me. If an organization is non-profit we create a page for them for free. Let them know?

Glad you are having such a fantastic time!!

Nov 03, 2010
Bolivia Volunteers
by: Rory S

I´m there right now with Bolivia Volunteers! (See my previous post.)

Would just like to say that it´s a fantastic family run organisation offering an excellent programme for a sensible price.

With respect to the La Paz/Cochabamba confusion. The man in charge is based in La Paz whereas the family and all projects are based in Cochabamba.

The homestay is fantastic - I could not ask for better, they are so welcoming and work so hard to ensure I have a good time.

The scope for projects is endless. It´s basically what you want to do. Let them know your dreams/skills and they will work it out for you. Anything is possible, just let them know!

There isn´t a base of other volunteers immediately around but I think that´s the best way to get straight into the life here and I have several excellent Bolivian friends.

Cochabamba is also the most welcoming, safe, beautiful city with much scope for trips outside of CBB into Bolivia and I would recommend it highly.

Aug 13, 2010
by: Rory S

Hi there,

I am similarly like Tess looking at the various possibilities. Have been looking at Bolivia Volunteers (mentioned above) and Volunteer Bolivia (listed on your website).

Whilst it seems Volunteer Bolivia has been heard of as a reputable organisation it is considerably more expensive!

$2450 for 3 months with Volunteer bolivia but only $1000 for Bolivia Volunteers.

What they offer on their website is remarkably similar so where is the price difference i wonder?


Nov 06, 2009
volunteer programs in bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Tess
I haven't actually personally met anyone who has volunteered with this program. However, I did take a look at their site. In reading through their ABOUT page, it strikes me that they offer volunteering positions in Cochabamba, but their website says they are located in La Paz. Their email is on their ABOUT page. Perhaps before deciding you could ask them to send you the contact information of some of their previous volunteers so you can get in touch with them and ask them about their experiences.

If you really want to volunteer in Cochabamba specifically, there are two other very good programs listed on my volunteer program listing called Sustainable Bolivia and Volunteer Bolivia, along with several others. Both are actually located in Cochabamba, both are non-profit, and both offer testimonials from previous volunteers on their websites.

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