Bolivia. Visit or longer stay?

by Verena
(UK, Europe)

Hi. Thinking of going to Santa Cruz in September 2018 for a longer visit with the view of moving there - depending on how the whole family feels. Any advice on current situation with street protests etc. How safe is it at the moment? got a child, married to a Bolivian currently living in the UK.

job prospects? currently studying for the Trinity Cert TESOL qualification to teach English.

From what we have heard living costs are quite high in Santa Cruz, any cheaper options a little further out?

other concerns are about health care especially dental care...any advice?

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Aug 27, 2019
la ciudad de la paz

bueno visiten la paz bueno el clima es frió pero es mas seguro hay Zonas y distritos seguros si les apetece le hago un turs aquí en la paz Bolivia

Apr 19, 2018
A reconnaissance trip is always a good idea
by: Anonymous

Santa Cruz is huge, and there are tons of options for good healthcare if you can afford them. Quite a few doctors and dentists that studied in the US, Germany or other places of Europe and are highly qualified. Plenty of insurance companies that sell health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, etc.

Yes, Santa Cruz is expensive by Bolivian terms and also in comparison to some areas of the US, but probably not very expensive in UK terms or in comparison to other European countries at all. You get a lot for your money. Housing is not cheap, but everything else is. Food, electricity, water, etc. will be your smallest bills, rather than your largest.

Crime has spiked. By US large city standards though, it's still much safer. Not sure how that compares to London. It's important not to stand out by displaying your wealth too much. A lot of the crime is petty crime (pickpockets, mugging for jewelry or purses, cameras, etc.) There are a number of murders per year and the incidences of rape are increasing. Still not in the amounts you see in the US.

September is THE BEST time to visit Santa Cruz. The 24th of September is the city's foundation day and there is a very huge exposition fair that attracts thousands of businesses and people from all over the world that lasts for 10 days. If you plan to stay at a hotel and you haven't booked yet, do it now. They book months in advance. But it's a lovely time of year to visit. Have fun!

Apr 12, 2018
Suburbs better and cheaper
by: Frank

We have lived in Cochabamba for 3+ years. Not as hot or humid as Santa Cruz, but there is the air pollution hazard. We plan to move outside of Cochabamba, and only an hour away by car to escape the air pollution and get cheaper apartment rentals. My wife and I are over 65, and have no problem with the altitude. Check out the town of Warnes or something north of the Santa Cruz if you are set on that general metropolitan area.
Our native Bolivian friends tell us that there is much more crime in Santa Cruz than Cochabamba. You can probable look up than statistic.

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