Bolivia Restaurant Review: Star of India, La Paz

by Vimal
(La Paz)

Being an Indian away from home, I was super excited to visit the Star of India which is located at Calle Cochabamba 170, La Paz, Bolivia. Ambience is decent with Indian music playing in the background. The menu has all the Indian dishes named. Price I feel is too expensive for Bolivia at BS49 per dish. If you look near the cashier or the bar you will the picture of the Queen a give away as to who is the owner of the restaurant :). They consider their Vindaloo as a super spicy dish, and if you finish it you will be awared a T-shirt on the house.

Food for me as an Indian is below average. The Veg. Dishes such as Aloo (potatoe) Saag (Spinach) was made with local cheese instead of cottage cheese, a disappointment. Veg. Kurma was too sweet and was a poor show. Chicken Tikka had taste of tumeric and this is not good was more like eating a quick 10 min Microwave meal. Kulfi is proba ly a wake up call required as it was normal ice cream with choc sauce.

Its full of British Expats so gives you an Idea why its popular. But overall , too high a price for too poor a food.

Recommendations: Really really really want Indian food then go there with no high hopes.

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Jan 14, 2014
Right to Reply :-)
by: The Star of India

Thankyou Vimal for your review.

As you said several times in your comments, The Star of India is not a traditional Indian restaurant, it is a traditional British Indian Restaurant. The Indian food which we have in the UK is very different to Indian food from India.

Like most foods which have been exported across thousands of miles and find themselves in a foreign land, all of our dishes have been changed to suit local taste buds. That has now happened twice infact with a change for a British taste, and now again tweaked a wee bit for the Bolivian palate.

The Vindaloo, a plate that traditionally is a very very spicy dish (in the UK at least) is the most ridiculously spicy thing we have on the menu. Most people can't finish it. If you really really need a new t-shirt then sure, go for it. Only one in eight finish it though. I usually push people towards the Spicy Madras dish we have if they really need a spice kick.

The Saag Paneer Aloo (spinach, cheese and potato) vegetarian dish is indeed made with Bolivian cheese. If you allow me to be cheeky, you must understand that we are in Bolivia, hence, Bolivian cheese. The one we decided to use (after extensive trials) is one that is most similar to the cheese we would use in the UK to make this dish. It is by far the most popular vegetarian dish on our menu.

The Vegetable 'Kurma' (or Korma) is a sweet dish, but should not be too sweet. As i am only seeing this review some time after you posted it, unfortunately i cannot check the exact batch of Korma. The same would go for the Chicken Tikka Masala (our most popular dish). There is turmeric in the dish, but it should not be the overwhelming taste.

I did not wholly understand your 'wake up call' problem with the Kulfi, but anyway it has now been taken off the menu and replaced with three more yummy British desserts; Sticky Toffee Pudding, a Chocolate Cake and a Bread and Butter Pudding.

Onto your comment about the high price of the food. The prices in The Star of India are very competitive for the area we are in and the type of food which we serve. The portions can easily be described as 'estilo cochabambino', that is to say we like to serve large portions.

There are various ingredients which simply do not exist in, not only Bolivia but South America which i have to import all the way from India. Indian food is certainly not one of the cheapest foods to make.

I have had the restaurant for more than six years and we are constantly trying to improve. The incorporation of a trained British chef into our ranks last year has astronomically improved every aspect of The Star of India, especially in adding new dishes to an already varied menu.

Thank-you Boliviabella for my right to reply, and thank you also Vimal for your review. If none ever complained, how could we ever improve?


The Star of India :-)

Feb 15, 2013
Taj Mahal in Santa Cruz

You will find a review of Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant in Santa Cruz here. It's located one block from CineCenter.

C/Bumberque #365 Zona Cine Center
Zona: Centro
Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Lun - Vier 19:00 - 00:00 / Sab 12:00 - 15:00 - 19:00 - 00:00.


You can find more Restaurants in Santa Cruz here, or simply click the "Food" link at the very top of our home page.

Come back to our Bolivian Restaurant Review and share your own rating after you've visited them!


Feb 14, 2013
Contact info for an Indian restaurant in Santa Cruz
by: Anonymous

Can anybody provide me with the contact numbers of any indian restaurant in Santa Cruz pls????

Feb 13, 2013
Try the Taj Mahal in Santa Cruz
by: Anonymous

If you are ever in Santa Cruz, visit the Taj Mahal, one block from the Cine Center. It's owned by an Indian family and the food is delicious.

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