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by Kricket

So today on the menu we have Simon Bolivar with a side of FUN FACTS! and a question for desert to end out the meal.

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was a war general who, along with others, won Bolivia its independence against the Spaniards. (So basically he's like the Bolivian George Washington.)

When he was baby, Simon Bolivar lived in Caracas, Venezuela. When his parents died (sad fact) he was given their fortune (smiley face) and went on to go to Europe. (I don't know why, but he did).

When he returned he joined the patriots that took over Caracas in 1810 and demanded freedom from Spain. But they were unsuccessful. He then went to Great Britain for help but only got their neutrality. Then he returned and took back Caracas in 1813. After that, wait what's going on...

We interrupt this blog to bring you FUN FACT TIME! Today's Fun Fact is...

Bolivia comes from the word Bolivar!

(You should have already figured that out though).

OK, I'm back. Anyway, as I was saying, after that he was forced to retreat from Venezuela to New Granada which is now Colombia, and there he became commander of a Colombian force that took Bogota in 1814. Sadly these people didn't have enough men and supplies, which lead to Bolivar *AGAIN!* running away.

This time he
ended up in Jamaica. He gathered a force and in 1816 he took Angostura, which was renamed Ciudad Bolivar which in English means Bolivar City, in his honor. From there he became its leader.

After this he went to New Granada in 1819, where he defeated the Spaniards in Boyar and freed Colombia. Then he (once again) returned to Angostura, where he organized the original Colombian Republic (an area which is now not only Colombia but includes Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela) and he became its first president on December 17, of the same year.

From there on June 24, 1821 he (CRUSHED!) the Spanish at Carabobo Venezuela. From there (man this guy traveled a lot) he made Ecuador part of the new Colombian Republic. From there, in 1822, he had a meeting with another liberator and he became the leader of Peru. (Seriously, now he's dictator of Peru, dictator of Ciudad Bolivar, AND president of the Colombian Republic... he rules everything!)

After this, he helped win a battle at Ayacucho in 1824. Then the area, which had been known under the Spaniards as the Viceroyalty of Upper Peru) became a separate state and the new country was named Bolivia after him in 1825. Image Source.

And so you know the reason Bolivia has its name. How did the country you live in get its name?

Submitted 2015-05-19

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