Bolivia Hotel Review: Hotel La Pasarela, Tarija, Bolivia

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Hotel Pasarela Tarija. This Belgian-owned hotel, located on the hillsides of Coimata, 10 kilometers from the city of Tarija has spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains from every round, thatch-roofed room. Owner Frederic De Keyser and his family run this beautiful country haven just minutes from the nearby Coimata waterfall and he designed every building, furnishing, and detail. You’ll find a beautiful combination of provincial, modern, regional, and ethnic décor and it all blends seamlessly into the local landscape. Hike up the paths behind the hotel and take in the view from its 3 scenic overlooks.

La Pasarela Hotel has matrimonial suites, family suites, single and double rooms. All have panoramic balconies, private baths, phones, WIFI, heating, closed circuit television, and, interestingly, 4 channels of environmental music. All have pretty, spa-like baths with a definite European touch. It also has a restaurant (open F-S and by reservation on M-Th) and bar, with indoor and outdoor seating, and den where you can watch videos, use the Internet, play board games, or just relax by an enormous fireplace as you read a book. You can soak in two pools or soak in the spectacular view from the indoor jacuzzi, or just relax in the dry or steam saunas. At the time of this writing a new conference room was being completed. Laundry service and wake-up calls are available as well. Perhaps the most playfully surprising thing you’ll find at La Pasarela it the “tirolesa” (zip line). You can zip down a steel cable from the hotel to the valley below seated in a sling. The hotel has a shaded sandbox for children, bicycles for rent, and camping equipment. Aside from nightly rates, family, honeymoon, weekend, and executive packages are also available.

The drive to La Pasarela is beautiful and easy. A taxi will take you for about Bs. 50 or you can take one of the many mini-vans that drive out to the area from downtown. Getting back to town is a little trickier. The mini-vans, which are part of the public transport system, run only every few hours and don’t really have a set schedule so your best bet is to call a taxi to come out to the hotel to pick you up. The hotel will arrange for airport pick-up if you advise in advance that you’ll be needing it and will provide for your every need while you’re a guest.

The Prefecture of Tarija gives La Pasarela Hotel 4 stars. You can gaze at them and millions of others if you spend the night here.

10 Kms. from the city of Tarija
Coimata, Tarija, Bolivia
Tel: (591-4) 666-1333
Fax: (591-4) 665-3222

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