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Hello everyone. It's time for our Bolivia Fact of the Week where I show you an interesting fact you probably didn't know about Bolivia.

Most people don't know this, but Bolivia actually has 36 different cultures. Most people only think we have 2 or 3 cultures in Bolivia. These 3 most known Bolivian cultures are the Aymara, the Quechua and the Guaraní. Some of the others have very unique names like:

.The Uru Uru
.The Chavobo
.The Esse Ejja
.The Guarasugwe
.The Siriono
.The Yaminahua
.The Weenhayek

and many more. Most of these cultures also have their own language. In fact, President Evo Morales declared every one of the native languages to be an official Bolivian language so now our country has about 30 official languages! We even have to learn one native language (besides Spanish) in school. Click here to read about the 36 native cultures of Bolivia.

Bolivia also has people called Mestizos. The Mestizo usually have some Spanish in them but are but are also descendants and mixed with other cultures such as German, Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Canadian, French, Dutch, Swiss, Brazilian, etc. mixed with one of the native cultures. Man that's a whole lot of people and to think they are also all so diverse. Not only that, but we have a whole bunch of people from different countries like Australia, North America, Germany, Norway, etc.

That's a lot right there for such a small country, wouldn't you think? Hey here's a question, do you actually know how many different cultures live in your country? Post in the comments below.

Submitted 2015-01-28

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Jan 28, 2015
good read
by: Miranda Kay

Very good read, I always found this topic so fascinating about Bolivia.

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