Bolivia Has a New Foundation Day. Um... what?

by Kricket

President Evo Morales

President Evo Morales

Bolivia gained its independence from Spain in 1825. For 181 years Bolivia traditionally celebrated its Independence Day on August 6th. But now, Bolivia has a new holiday called "Foundation Day" which is celebrated on January 22nd each year.

President Evo Morales renamed Bolivia from "Republic of Bolivia" to "Plurinational State of Bolivia" (Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia) in 2006. It's a public holiday in Bolivia and no one works or goes to school on this day. Mr. Morales chose this day because on the 22nd of January 2006 he became the President of Bolivia. He then changed Bolivia's constitution and decided that the Republic of Bolivia just simply didn't exist anymore and it's a new country so it should have a new name. Hmmm. Interesting?

He also decided that Bolivia now has a new flag, but that is another topic for another day.

Submitted 2015-01-20

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