Author of History of La Paz article

by Ella
(New Zealand)

Hi. I am doing a research project on the history of La Paz and I was wondering could you please tell me the author and date of the article on the History of La Paz from this website.


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Mar 13, 2013

im doing a project and i have to write were i got the info. from and i have to put the author and publisher of the web site,so i need to know the authors name,the publishers name, and the copyright. I was wondering if you can tell me that.

From the webmaster:
Author Alura Gonzales.
Publisher/Webmaster Charis Barks.
Date: July 2012. Updated in October 2012.

Nov 30, 2011
author for education article
by: Anonymous

I am doing a research paper about Bolivia and was wondering on the author, title, and date of the education article so that I can cite it properly.

Response: If you are referring to this page:

the article was written by Alura Gonzales.
Webmaster of is Charis Barks.
Published in 2010.

Sep 12, 2011
Why Is There a La Paz
by: David Boldt

I´d like to know how to get the article. I´ve always been curious as to why there is a La Paz. Most cities are either at the crossroads of two main trade routes, or at a break in transportation where people have to switch from, say, boats to wagons, or the center of a farming region. Some capitals are neutral turf between population centers picked as a compromise. La Paz in none of the above. It was, as nearly as I can tell, only a place for silver-laden mule trains en route from Potosi to Lima to get out of the wind and drink some clean water. What, I´m given to wonder, keeps that city in business these days besides bureaucracy and the family fortunes of the descendants of tin potentates who, for some reason or other, chose to stay in this cold, wind-blown, oxygen-deprived environment? Something to think about as we approach Santa Cruz Day and contemplate its relation to the nation's distant second city.

Sep 08, 2011
Author of the History of La Paz article
by: BoliviaBella

Her name is Alura Gonzales. The article was written in July 2010. Thank you for asking!

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