as a former inmate

by johny

you have the facts way messed up in this article. i am an former inmate of san pedro prison and yes i am a foreigner. i was falsely accused of drug smuggling and my case was investigated for 6 months and then they cleared me of all charges. in the time i spent inside we did start up the tours again and yeah we were charging a fee. what you lacked to mention is that we asked foreigners who visit the prison to bring toiletries, toys for the kids and basic essentials which we gave to families throughout the prison who could not afford it. each visit helped out a family with most basic things we take for granted, soap, shampoo, tooth brush ect. the money that was charged for the entrance was mostly to help out sections in the prison. with that money we also managed to pay for a party for the children inside the prison on childrens day and all the toys was given to them. we also paid for most off the celebrations inside the prison to keep the hope up. inmates that had life sentence were also helped out with the basics after there own bolivian families stop caring for them. alot of the money went towards the section to fix up the place, because it was falling appart. at the end of the day a foreigner who gave the tour ect ended up with Bs 20. wow! so get your facts straight before you start attacking the forreigners. the gaurds i will agree are corrupt. and with what happened with the riots are bad and i am sure that started with greed of bolivians and some foreigners. but while i was there i tried the best to help out.

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