Apartment in Santa Cruz

by Jake
(Santa Cruz)

Hi Bella, this is Jake, the guy with the dog who flew down here. I spent the last two months in the Yungas, but I am in Santa Cruz now and am in the process of finding an apartment. I am finding it difficult as the newspapers don't have many ads and not many places seem to allow dogs. If you know of any services or anybody who is renting a room I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. My dog is super well trained and I could pay a damage deposit for her. My max budget is $200 per month. Thank you very much Bella, your site and you have been so helpful.


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Mar 06, 2011
it's been about a year
by: BoliviaBella

Was going through our forums - I do that about once a year to see if there's anything outdated/outstanding - and I ran across this message from when you had just moved here.

Just wondering how life in Santa Cruz is working out. We've been having some fun expat meets (once a month). If you're interested sign up here.

Dec 01, 2009
Found One!
by: Jake

Thanks you very much. I actually found a place this morning after looking for 5 days. It was from El Deber. It's close to the center and no problems with the dog. Thanks again.


Super! Glad to hear that. Let me know if you need help with anything else Jake.

Dec 01, 2009
apartment in santa cruz
by: BoliviaBella.com

Hi Jake. Thanks again for sharing all the great information on how to relocate with a pet. It was very useful! So it's our turn to help you out now and here are some tips:

a) The Wednesday and Sunday newspapers especially EL DEBER are the best. Especially Sundays, it's when most people publish their ads. You'll find the Classified section inside the DEPORTES (sports) section. It's usually not that huge - look under ALQUILERES (for rent).

b) It's true that MANY people don't advertise in the newspaper. I've become convinced it's because they want to be very choosy about who rents from them. In addition, apartments are in such high demand right now they just don't have the time to do 100 showings a day (the owner of the apartment I currently live in told me she got nearly 200 calls on the first day she published her ad).

c) Your best bet is to use an INMOBILIARIA (real estate agents who also help you find rentals). There are zillions of them all over the city and be forewarned, there are no real estate agent certifications or anything - practically anyone can become one. You go to an inmobiliaria and you tell them what size apartment you want, what features you want (like allowing dogs etc.), what your budget is, and what neighborhoods you are in and they'll tell you what's available. In addition, inmobiliarias don't make you sign any exclusivity agreements when it comes to rentals. So you may be shown the same house by several! Keep a list of the properties you've already seen so you don't end up wasting time. An inmobiliaria will charge you 50% of the first month's rent for their services - and will only charge you if they are the ones who find you an apartment.

d) Try Jackson Rivero. Rick and Terry Jackson (American and Bolivian couple) have an office right here in town and they speak English.

e) Another option is to choose an apartment building you see that you think you might like and go to it - talk to the receptionist or gate guard and ask them if they know of any apartments available. They almost always are the MOST informed about who is renting, moving out or moving in. And they don't charge your for the info ;-)

f) Almost all apartments here function as CONDOMINIUMS. Each apartment has a private owner.

g) I don't know of any that allow dogs. You might want to consider looking for a small house instead. In fact, half the time you can find a small house for almost the same as you'd pay to rent an apartment.

If you contact me through this secure form and enter your email address (it won't show anywhere) I can respond and provide you more information by email.

This message (and my response) posts online. Since you're in Santa Cruz, contact me by email and we can correspond in more detail.

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