Altiplano Sunrise

by Vimal
(La Paz)



Sunrises are what painters love to paint or poets write about. I must admit I have seen many a sunrises in my life and in different parts of the world. But the sunrise in the Altiplano is what I love the best. Why? Well to begin with my house has a great view of the Andean Altiplano and the famous Illimani snow covered peaks.

Everyday morning when I wake up at 6 a.m. and look out of the window I see the entire city covered with milky clouds that have come down over in the previous evening to form a blanket for sleepy La Paz. Slowly, the horizon sees a golden light gently shining which starts forming the dark shapes of the Andean Altiplano landscape. The magic continues as this light grows brighter as if there is going to be a huge explosion of flames. Then the mighty Illimani starts emerging out and if you're lucky, you see all the four peaks. The light bounces on the peaks to form a reddish pink reflection. The clouds start to move as a mother would remove the sheets from her sleeping child, the sky gets brighter as the window curtains are drawn back for the city. The light forms a crown on the mighty Illimani as nature performs its magnificent magic of illumination. The golden disk rises behind the Altiplano and soon forms a bright diamond ring that flashes on to the landscape. And soon you the entire landscape lights up to life. Good Morning, La Paz!

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