All the ways to get around La Paz, Bolivia - funniest video ever!

Andrew Younghusband, host of the Canadian reality show "Canada's Worst Diver" made this documentary called "Don't Drive Here!" about all of the different ways to get around La Paz and El Alto. In it he actually drives, on his own, several different types of vehicles including a bike, a motorcycle, a taxi, a minivan, a passenger bus and takes a ride on La Paz' new cable car system with one of the city's witches. He also bikes Death Road and drives over the Uyuni Salt Desert. He even learns to direct traffic in in La Paz with some cholita traffic directors and joins the famous Cebras (zebras) who help pedestrians cross the street. He shows just how chaotic traffic really is in La Paz and along the way, tells us about some of the history and interesting cultural details of this city. You'll laugh all the way through this 46 minute awesome show. I couldn't stop watching. Funniest video ever!

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