Agree to Disagree

by Emily

Hi Bella, I'm planning a trip to Bolivia next year, but have already started looking for things to do. I have not read 'Marching Powder', but I have heard a lot about the prison and was very interested in visiting. I found your article online and I must tell you that I completely agree with what you're saying about disrespectful tourists. I have travelled to many places and I'm often disgusted by the behaviour of tourists - who are just guests in another country. Where is their respect and common courtesy?

Although I agree with you, and feel very sad for the innocent children involved, I would still like to visit the prison. I understand what you're saying about corruption and making the inamtes feel as though they're in a zoo, but I feel tourist visits are not as bad as you're implying.

I really admire your passion, but I feel that people seeing the way these inmates live are seeing what can happen if you do the wrong thing and the affect that could have on their own family. We are lucky in Australia in some ways. We don't have such inhumane conditions in our prisons, so I think for a lot of us a visit is just a way of seeing injustice and the sad reality of the judicial system in Bolivia.

I also like the idea of being able to give money to people who obviously need it - be paying for the tour. For me, I want to see how some children live and maybe one day return to help them in a really positive way.

Remember ignorance is NOT always bliss. People must see these things to make a difference. Only a few crazy people are taking advantage and making a bad name for other tourists. We are not all like that.

Thank you for a very informative article.


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Jun 15, 2010
Prison Children
by: Chris from Adelaide

the 3 prisons I know of have children staying in at night but during the day go to schooling projects run by friends. Our, my wife and I own children's project are not prison children. Anything 'positive' you can do for them is great. 'Good on you'. Chris.

Jun 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

disagree with what? I said visiting prisons is one way. I've done it, several. including high security.

Jun 14, 2010
Agree to Disagree
by: Anonymous

That's great Chris, but we cannot start ignoring the fact there are children living in the prison. If it means a few tourists visiting to make a differnace - well, is it really that bad?! The fact it has got us all talking is a great thing. Before I read this blog I had no idea there were children living in these conditions. If the children cannot be removed then surely a few visitors with 'deep pockets' won't hurt raise some much needed money?! Just my opinion.

May 30, 2010
re prison children
by: Christiaan Mostert

to visit prisons to observe children in need is one way but I simply visited neighbourhoods and ended up supporting 30 children in a food and educational program and are now getting others in volved to support more programs.Chris from Adelaide Australia.

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