A la Roca...Sucre

One of the first things I noticed in Sucre is the amount of reconstruction that is going on and how it is done very carefully without much street blockage and inconveniences. Another is the amount done by hand and the use of natural resources. Big round stones and rocks are everywhere along with the hand made red bricks of many sizes. Truckloads of dirt, gravel, stones dumped on a sidewalk and hand shoveled into wheelbarrows and hefted through narrow alleys as the public walks around them. There is no need for barricades and caution signs and no need for trial lawyers either as the people in Sucre are self-sufficiently protective of themselves and use their natural common sense to be able to walk without falling down or tripping over obvious obstacles. It is of little wonder when one observes even the smallest little guys walking at the earliest possible age to the older generation traverse these streets with hills and valleys as they take life in "stride" literally.

Now the picture is of one of two major sidewalks being rebuilt, notice how the stones salvaged from the old one are placed carefully as they await a fresh coat of cement and notice how the people walk around and over them as the work continues to be done, no barricades not safety tape and nobody falling down. Notice the various layers of stone and brick exposed on a grand building being spruced up. I love the natural human factor displayed by the Bolivians.

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