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by Kricket

Have you ever been in a situation where you move somewhere and miss a lot of things from the place where you used to live, but when you return, you miss all kinds of stuff from the other place?

Today I'll be making a list of five things you might miss about Bolivia when you leave, and in my next blog I'll write about five things you WON'T miss about Bolivia when you leave.

#5 The rainforests

Bolivia has some of the most beautiful rainforests that house hundreds of animals and plants. To go into a rainforest is truly a sight to behold and you can even use FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! (When was the last time you went somewhere with animals and/or plants that let you use flash photography? Not American zoos...)

#4 The wildlife

Though some are annoying (I'm looking at you, freakishly huge mosquitoes), many Bolivian animals, birds, fish and insects are exotic and adorable. I mean have you seen some of the animals I've written about on this blog? Look at the llamas and alpacas!!! Tell me they're not adorable.

#3 Home made chocolate

Since Bolivia makes it's own chocolate in Sucre, we can say our chocolate is home made! Just the
way we like it! I mean thanks to the cacao tree we have our very own CITY OF CHOCOLATES in Sucre. In fact, I've written a yummy blog on the cacao tree.

#2 The clothing

Bolivia has it's (Large) share of colorful clothing. The clothing has lots of pretty colors and patterns all over it. As a matter of fact, I also wrote a blog on Bolivian weavers.

#1 The amazing food

Mmmmm!!! Trust me it's sooo delicious. Cuñapes, silpancho, etc. In fact I think even Bolivians loves their own food a lot and don't need to pine over other countries' foods. I mean, why else would they eat so often: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, tea time, and dinner?

What do you miss most about your country when you move away or go on holiday?



Submitted 2015-09-23

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