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by Kricket

At Boliviabella.com we are always getting questions about Bolivia, so today I'm going to list for you five common questions that we receive frequently about Bolivia (six, if you count our bonus question).

5. How big is Bolivia?

Over the years Bolivia has gained and lost a lot of land. Today, Bolivia has a land mass of 424,200 square miles. (That's just about the size of California and Texas combined). Here is a map of Bolivia's initial territory showing sections of land lost throughout the years.

Note: We posted the picture above because it's the only one we could find that shows Bolivia superimposed over the USA and gives you a good sense of the country's size, but please note that La Paz is NOT Bolivia's capital city. It is the seat of government, but Bolivia's one and only capital city is Sucre in the state of Chuquisaca.

4. What is Bolivia's climate like?

When talking about Bolivia's weather all you need to know is this: bottom line, we have the rainy season and the dry season, because usually the region just plops you into it without any gradual entry and exit of seasons. I don't mean exactly that you could be walking in the cold rain and suddenly it will be scorching hot, but the weather usually changes rather quickly as do our two seasons (we don't have four).

3. What does Bolivia look

Bolivia is mostly covered by Amazonian rain forest, which is home to most of it's animals, to the North. The entire Western 1/3 of Bolivia is part of the Andes Mountain range, with some of the highest cities in the world. Southern Bolivia ranges from temperate to desert. In general, Western Bolivia is mountainous and dry while Eastern Bolivia is flatter and forested or humid.

2. What language does Bolivia speak?

Bolivia primarily speaks Spanish but several of the indigenous cultures in the country speak their own languages. In fact, there are 36 indigenous cultures in Bolivia, with 33 indigenous languages, ALL of which President Evo Morales has declared as official languages of Bolivia.

1. What type of animals live in Bolivia?

Bolivia is home to many animals, birds, insects, fish and reptiles. In fact, Bolivia is one of the top 10 countries in the world in fauna. You can find many animals including flamingos, ant eaters, capibaras, jaguars, pumas, piranhas, tons of snakes, llamas, and many other exotic animals. Some of these are even indigenous only to Bolivia like the spectacled bear!

Bonus question: Is there pizza in Bolivia?

YES!!! And pizza here can be quite strange. For example, a very common pizza topping is corn.

So I hope you liked today's blog about Bolivia and maybe learned something too. Keep those questions coming. We try to answer them continually.

Photo credit: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bl.html

Submitted 2015-09-08

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