The Weather in Sucre Bolivia

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The weather in Sucre is typically cool and often cloudy. Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia, although La Paz has been the seat of 2 branches of Bolivia's government (the executive and legislative branches) for over 100 years (the judicial branch, and thus the Supreme Court, remain in Sucre). Sucre is also the capital city of the Department of Chuquisaca.

Sucre is located in a rather isolated region of the south-central mountains of Bolivia at an altitude of 2790 meters above sea level. The weather here is mild and similar to that of Cochabamba although it experiences much denser and heavier fogs when it rains. Flights to and from Sucre are often delayed or canceled because of this.

The average temperature during the summer months (December - March, also the rainy season) is 68ºF (20ºC). During the remainder of the year the weather cools by about 2 degrees and during the winter months (June - August, also the dry season) the average temperature is about 60ºF (16ºC).

Weather in Sucre, Bolivia

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