Youth music festival to celebrate the foundation of Santa Cruz

by Ronaldo Vaca Pereira
(Animal de Ciudad)

SANTA CRUZ CELEBRATES THE ANNIVERSARY OF ITS FOUONDATION WITH THE BEST OF ITS MUSIC. A night of music by young musicians for a young public. The Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra along with the "Independent Alternative Music" Collective, will gift Santa Cruz, on the 449th anniversary of its foundation, a concert with the best of its music, all as part of the Bicentennial of our beloved region.

The event, called the "Festival Musical Jóvenes Fundando Santa Cruz" will fill the Manzana Uno art gallery with music on Friday, the 26th of February, 2010 beginning at 8:00 p.m.

This occasion will also be used to officially present the "Música Alternativa Independiente" Collective, an initiative begun and promoted by a new generation of young urban musicians represented by five already well-known bands: Dominique, Don Adhelky, Animal de Ciudad, Polysonika and Los Salmones.

The night will vibrate with the rhythm and fusion of various styles such as punk, pop, funk, and classical rock and roll. It's a night for all and you're invited!

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