WWF and Green TV join forces to go Inside COP15

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

As the world's leaders prepare to gather in Copenhagen in December for crucial talks aimed at tackling runaway climate change, WWF and Green TV have teamed up for a ground-breaking online video project aimed at taking audiences Inside COP15.

Inside COP15 will deliver live and on-demand video news coverage throughout the two week UN summit and will report the highs, lows and everything in between in the negotiations for a global climate deal.

Online audiences will be able to experience the atmosphere and the inside stories as well as getting breaking news, expert analysis and commentary. From December 7th to 19th, regular on-demand video podcasts and a daily live-streamed talk show will be available at http://cop15.panda.org and will be syndicated via Green TV, iTunes, YouTube and many other sites.

"Inside COP15 is a major development in the way conferences like the Copenhagen climate talks are reported," said Martin Atkin, Executive Producer for WWF. "Instead of the usual procession of talking heads and grey men in grey suits, we aim to bring the talks to life for those who can't actually be there."

"The world is watching and expecting a fair, fast and effective deal to get us out of the climate change mess," he said. "Our audiences will be able to experience everything from the progress of the negotiations themselves, to the side events, concerts, lobbying and all the colour that goes with such a massive event. WWF is uniquely positioned to be at the heart of the action and to interpret what's going on."

WWF is partnering with Green TV for production, technical and online services as well as the social media campaign. Additional technical, logistic and production support is being provided by Berlin-based Greenfilm.

"More and more people want to watch video online and to interact with what they are watching," said Ade Thomas, CEO of Green TV. "Inside COP15 will allow online audiences to be part of the action, to comment and to contribute. It's the next best thing to being there - in fact it's better, because it will be cold, raining and dark in Copenhagen in December."

Download the videos clicking here: http://cop15.panda.org/

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