World Forestry Business Roundtable

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

October 9th is the deadline for companies to register for the World Forestry Business Roundtable, scheduled to be held on October 21st, 2009, as part of the XIII World Forestry Congress (WFC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thanks to the Bolivian Forestry Chamber (CFB) and with the sponsorship of Usaid/Bolivia and FAO.

This Business Roundtable is the ideal scenario to trade forest products, find investors, service providers, business solutions and other needs related to the wood industry. Registration can be done by entering

Because of its ample experience in organizing successful business roundtables and its long history –more than 40 years of continuous service to the forestry sector- the CFB is the operational body appointed by the FAO for the organization of this important commercial event.

The World Forestry Congress is held every 6 years in different countries. In 2003 it was held in Canada with close to 4,000 participants. Currently there are more than 2,000 participants enrolled to participate in the Congress in Argentina, and, for the first time, there will be a Business Roundtable and an Investment and Financing Forum for the private sector. There will be 200 businessmen and representatives from organizations from the forestry sector from more than 30 countries, among which at least 20 are Bolivian companies.

The objective of the event is to promote trade relations under the framework of sustainable development, aiming to give greater value to forests and manufactured products. The Congress also provides an opportunity to engage in business contacts between forestry stakeholders from all over the world, and hopefully enter into long term business transactions and take advantage of the current world context offered by the transformation of markets that are demanding responsible products that do not jeopardize the future productivity of forests.

For further information:

Karina Tellería, Bolivian Forestry Chamber, Tel. +591-3-3332699,,

Forum in La Paz, Bolivia:

“Forest Certification in Bolivia: Benefits for Communities, Companies, and Forests”

On Thursday October 8th a Forum will be held in La Paz, Bolivia, to analyze the benefits generated from forests for Bolivian communities, companies and the forests themselves, catapulting the country as the world leader in sustainable management of native tropical forests. The Forum is organized by the Bolivian Council for Voluntary Forest Certification (CFV) and the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (Ibce).

“Bolivia has 53 million hectares of forest –almost 50% of its surface area– of which 17% is destined to sustainable use. In addition, Bolivia, with more than 2 million hectares of FSC certified native tropical forest, is in a leadership position worldwide, thanks to alliances between community forest enterprises, industry and the government. But today more than ever it is necessary to monitor that this development model is not destroyed”, said Juan Pablo Valdivieso, President of the CFV.

In turn, Adolfo Moreno, Director a.i. for WWF Bolivia, indicated that “with our support, the first group of Bolivian concessionaire leaders was trained in sustainable forest practices in the 90s. These leaders are currently community and private businessmen and play a key role in the country’s responsible forest management”.
“There is a tendency worldwide towards responsible consumption of forest resources. For example, the European Union and the United States, markets representing 70% of Bolivian forest exports, are working towards eliminating the trade of wood that has been illegally logged. This is a clear sign that we are not wrong in ensuring that Bolivia promotes a sustainable forest use”, added Pablo Antelo, President of the Ibce.

Benefits and challenges

The benefits and challenges regarding the forestry business at international level will be analyzed during the Forum, which is supported by the Bolivian Forestry Chamber, WWF Bolivia, the Center for Research and Management of Renewable Natural Resources (Cimar-Uagrm), the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the School of Forestry Engineers of Santa Cruz (CIF SC).

The Forum will be held on Thursday October 8th in the city of La Paz from 09:00 to 12:00 in the “Roble” conference room at the Plaza Hotel.

For further information:

Gualberto Vargas, Ibce, Tel. (03) 3362230,,

Viviana Molina, CFV, Tel. (03) 3494670,,

Nardin Pizarro, WWF Bolivia, Tel. (03) 3430609,,


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