Women. Celebrate Yourselves. Every Day.

by Charis
(Webmaster, BoliviaBella.com)

Having lived abroad most of my life, I’ve come to realize that no matter what our origins, culture, upbringing, or circumstances may be, human beings throughout the world are more similar than different. And though we use different means and languages to share of ourselves, our emotional expressions clearly signal that a common thread binds us all. We all know pain and joy, we all lose and search, forget and remember, struggle and achieve. In any language or culture, human beings are highly capable of self-evaluation and self-expression. Each of us is a living stanza in a universal poem. What you have to remember is that not all poems rhyme. Some of the most beautiful poems in the world don’t. They flow on their own. Because each stanza has its own importance and reason for being.

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