Win a USA-Bolivia round trip ticket on American Airlines

(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

The Jessika Borda Foundation provides legal and psychological assistance for victims of crime and delinquency in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and as part of its fundraising efforts is raffling a round trip ticket between Bolivia and the US on American Airlines.

The Jessika Borda Foundation was established by former U.S. Consular agent Rhea Borda after her daughter was carjacked and killed in Santa Cruz, about eight years ago.

The raffle will be held on August 10 and tickets can be purchased through August 5th at:

Calle 5, Barrio Magisterio
corner of the 4th ring
between Mutualista and Paragua

or you can send an email or call for delivery:

364-6223, 364-6224, 364-6225, 709-16610
or email Mariana Ros, Executive Director at

You can also send a comment below if you have questions or want to order. Your comment will be sent directly to the Jessika Borda Foundation's email inbox.

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