Why Not Make Humintas With Apples?

by Chef Noly
(Chicago and Bolivia)

This past weekend I found myself with a day off of work and no motivation to do any of the chores I should be doing on a typical day off. All I really wanted to do was enjoy the Autumn weather and go for a walk outside. So I headed over to the apple festival in Long Grove, IL.

Walking through the festival I began to wonder about what Bolivian recipe I could make which included apples. Apples are popular in Bolivia and many people eat them fresh but I couldn't think of a typically Bolivian recipe where apples were the featured ingredient.

The minute I arrived home (ok, ok, so I ate a caramel apple the minute I got home, but after that ...) I began flipping through my recipes and came up with what I think is a great idea. Why not make humintas with apples! Please visit my food blog to view the recipe I came up with.. Give it a try and let me know if my idea is a success or not. Chef Noly

Photo credit: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Humitas_en_chala_tipicas_de_Argentina8.JPG

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