Why April Fools Day is on December 28 in Bolivia

Did you know? In Bolivia, April Fool's Day is called Dia de los Inocentes - Day of the Innocents - (translating roughly as Day of the Naïve) and it's on 28 December. Why? Because...

... in the Catholic tradition 28 December is Dia de los Santos Inocentes (Day of the Holy Innocents) - the day on which King Herod ordered all newborn male Jewish babies to be killed, hoping one of them would be the baby Jesus. He had heard that Jesus had been born a few days earlier and was fearful of Jesus because, according to the prophecies, he was to be the true king of the Jews.

King Herod was told by the Wisemen of Jesus' birth. He told them to let him know when they found the baby so that he could also go worship him. But the Wisemen must have suspected his intentions because after finding Jesus they returned home on a completely different route. Angered at having been "made a fool of", Herod then ordered hundreds of innocent babies to be killed.

On this day it became the tradition to play jokes on people who are "innocent" like the children killed in Jerusalem, as they symbolize those who are "unstained" or "have not sinned".

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